Recent Releases

AMG Publishers

A Word for the Day, J. D. Watson, 2006, 410 pages, $16.99, softcover. A daily devotional for each day of the year that presents a brief word study and application to make that particular Greek word become real for practical living.

The Gospel of Mark: Christ the Servant, James McGowan, 2006, 247 pages, $19.99, hardcover. Twenty-First Century Biblical Commentary Series.

Life Principles for Christ-Like Living, Jennifer Devlin, 2006, 241 pages, $14.99, softcover. Experience a closer walk with God through a study of 3:16 verses. Following God Series.

An Overview of the Old Testament, John Malseed, 2006, 303 pages, $14.99, softcover. A one-page synopsis and blueprint for almost every chapter in the Old Testament.

Crossway Books

How to Pray for Your Wife: A 31-Day Guide, Mark A. Weathers, 2006, 158 pages, $9.99, softcover. A book for all husbands who wish to better understand how God made their wives and how they can pray biblical prayers for them.

Truth with Love: the Apologetics of Francis Schaeffer, Brian A. Follis, 2006, 206 pages, $15.99, softcover. The writer seeks to provide an honest evaluation of Schaeffer's apologetics and demonstrate the continued relevance of his approach.

What Jesus Demands from the  World, John Piper, 2006, 400 pages, $19.99, hardcover. This book draws together fifty of Jesus' commands from the four Gospels.

Integrity Publishers

The Secrets Men Keep: How Men Make Life and Love Tougher Than It Has to Be, Stephen Arterburn, 2006, 282 pages, $22.99, hardcover. All the things that men think and feel-but don't dare talk about-are explored in this book.

InterVarsity Press

Evil and the Justice of God, N. T. Wright, 2006, 176 pages, $18.00, softcover. A fresh and creative, though deeply biblical, interpretation of the meaning of the cross.

Kregel Publications

Charts on Systematic Theology, Vol. 1, H. Wayne House, 2006, 139 pages, $19.99, softcover. Summarizes the major introductory issues in systematic theology in an easy-to-follow parallel-column format.

Reformation Trust Publishing

Foundations of Grace: A Long Line of Godly Men, Steven J. Lawson, 2006, 577 pages, $28.00, hardcover.  Vol. 1. 1400 BC - 100 AD.

Regal Books

Lies We Tell Ourselves: How to Say No to Temptation and Put an End to Compromise, Greg Laurie, 2006, 128 pages, $9.99, softcover. Backed by Scripture, the writer outlines practical steps we can take to resist temptation.

Telling the Story: Evangelism for the Next Generation, Luis Palau and Timothy Robnett, 2006, 192 Pages, $14.99, softcover. Teaching on how to establish, build, and maintain an effective evangelistic ministry in a rapidly changing world.

Thomas Nelson

The Blackaby Study Bible, Henry T. Blackaby, G. Richard Blackaby, Thomas W. Blackaby, Melvin D. Blackaby, and Norman C. Blackaby, hardcover to thumb-indexed genuine leather, $39.99 to $89.99. The Blackaby family's unique approach of listening to God is uncovered through the notes and articles that include trustworthy doctrine and reliable spiritual principles.

Tyndale House Publishing

Where Was God? Erwin W. Lutzer, 2006, 118 pages, $14.99, hardcover. Answers to tough questions about God and natural disasters.

WaterBrook Press

The Divine Defense: Six Simple Strategies for Winning Your Greatest Battles, Robert Jeffress, 2006, 208 pages, $18.99, softcover. Practical advice for using the armor of God to fight our daily spiritual battles. Includes study guide for individuals and small groups.

Xulon Press

Ecclesiastes: Life Beneath the Blazing Sun, Preston A. Taylor, 2006, 183 pages, $13.99, softcover. Solomon's magnum opus. (Available at

Ezekiel: God's Prophet and His Puzzling Book, Preston A. Taylor, 288 pages, $15.99, softcover. "Dry Bones Will Live Again." (Available at


Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference? Philip Yancey, 2006, 351 pages, $21.99, hardcover. Yancey probes the most fundamental, challenging, perplexing, and deeply rewarding aspect: our relationship with God.

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