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Praise: "Abstinence Message Saved My Life"-Living among the devastation resulting from the AIDS pandemic, Ugandan Pastor Andrew Mwenge attributes the fact that he is still alive to Christ. "Most of the people I grew up with in the village are not alive," he said. "If it was not for Christ, I wouldn't be here. I know that for a fact," he told an audience in Nashville, Tenn. AIDS has reduced Uganda's average life expectancy from age 54 to 42. Mwenge, 45, believes he has had three "bonus years" and remains determined to make the most of each day. When missionaries Larry and Sharon Pumpelly first introduced the True Love Waits movement to Uganda, it became a catalyst for bringing people together to address the AIDS problem and spread the message of biblical purity to schools, youth groups, communities and other places. In the 12 years that followed, Uganda's HIV/AIDS infection rate dropped from about 30% to 6%, making it a model for other African nations.

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Praise: Christians' Wartime Donations of $20 Million Went Largely Unheralded-Evangelical Christians dug deep into their pockets to provide humanitarian relief to Israel during the war in Lebanon this summer, donating nearly $20 million dollars to help rebuild the north, according to estimates as reported by Haaretz. Though largely overshadowed by the massive generosity of their American Jewish counterparts, the pro-Israel Christian community also rallied significantly in support of the north, with less fanfare. The evangelical community does not have a single umbrella group that keeps track of the donations, so it is difficult to calculate an exact total. A survey of the major Christian groups, however, showed that the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ), the largest of the fund-raising bodies, collected $17 million from July 10 to September 10, a 100 percent increase over the same period last year. Other groups, like the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem and Bridges for Peace, another pro-Israel Christian organization, each raised half a million dollars for the north as part of their emergency campaigns.

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Praise: "Ten-Cents-a-Meal" Challenge to Cut Hunger in America-Debbie Tenzer, founder of, a Website that encourages people to do one nice thing every Monday, announced Nov. 10: "All Americans want to end hunger-and united, we can do it. We encourage everyone to put a homemade donation box or jar on kitchen tables all across America. Put in ten cents at every meal, and at the end of the month donate your collection to a food bank." In America, one in ten households does not have enough food. That's thirty-eight million Americans. Nearly fourteen million of them are children. A uniter, calls itself a "kindness project" and embraces people of all denominations and views. Each Monday the Website offers an easy "nice thing" suggestion.

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Praise: Elephant Stampede Clears Path for Ministry in India-For reasons unknown, a group of 10 elephants recently stampeded a small village in northeastern India's Nagaland State. When the dust settled, everything was gone. A church plant, now eight years old, saw its members scattered, too. However, the believers began to share the gospel among their new neighbors with amazing results. Many people came to Christ, and two new churches began. Native missionaries with Gospel for Asia are now leading these fellowship groups and discipling the new believers. The local GFA correspondent wrote, "Now all our believers understand that God works all things together for good. Praise God for using our believers to start these prayer fellowships."

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