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Heads or Hearts

Thanks for the article "Counting Heads or Changing Hearts" in the May edition. As a retired pastor after several decades in smaller churches, I am greatly interested and amazed in the visible change in Christian culture over the past 60 years. The nature and character of people has greatly changed between the funeral fan and the computerized air conditioner.

The statement "why is our first instinct for a church or ministryto expand it" is troublesome. Why would any pastor tell his people, "We do not need to grow." The Body of Christ must expand spiritually and numerically if at all possible. Evangelism is all about expansion.

As is stated, 60% of all churches have less than 100 in attendance. If these churches would draw a circle with a 20 mile radius with the church at the center, how many people would it include? A great number of these churches do not have an effective method of evangelism and assimilation.

Why? There is usually a very sweet fellowship but very little perception of outreach or expansion. Why? What does the Great Commission say? Why do people have a desire to remain in a church that is not evangelistic? The true answer to that single question identifies our values and priorities.

There is no doubt that many churches today, large and small, are failing to make disciples. A life growing as a disciple is a life filled with an unquenchable desire to reach the lost and make other disciples. And it is "fruitful expansion" that glorifies God.

Wayne Nix

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