Praise and Prayer

Pray: Students at Pro-Gay High School Swarm Parents Protesting Homosexuality-A small group of parents demonstrating against homosexuality were assaulted by a crowd of nearly 200 hostile students outside Brookline (Mass.) High School during the pro-homosexual "Day of Silence," Mass Resistance reported April 25. One parent, identified as Bruce C., told Mass Resistance: "At least one hundred kids were surrounding me like buzzing bees debating these arguments, some yelling degrading comments like "moron," "idiot," cursing, occasionally throwing food and wads of paper at me, burning my flyer, doing simulated homosexual sex acts, telling me they were going to sodomize me, boys were kissing and making out with other boys and girls were making out and fondling other girls to loud ecstatic cheering." Several school faculty members and administrators stood by, it was reported.

Pray: Brits OK Embryo Screen for Squint-Even a child whose eyes don't look in precisely the same direction has a life not worth living in Great Britain. A British government agency that regulates fertility issues has granted permission for a London clinic to screen embryos to make sure none with what is known as squint is permitted to be born, according to the BBC. The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) issued a license for the clinic to screen out embryos with the condition for a couple in which the father has a severe squint that causes his eyes to look down or sideways. The man's father also has the condition.

The news marked an ominous milestone-supposedly the first embryo screening for a cosmetic flaw. Wesley Smith, a bioethics specialist in the United States, bemoaned the slippery slope represented in the HFEA decision. "[W]e have fallen a long way off the moral cliff in a very short time, from tossing away embryos with genetic defects for serious illness in infancy, to tossing them away because they are the wrong sex, to destroying those with a genetic propensity to adult onset cancer," Smith wrote on the weblog at

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Pray: Illinois Bill Would Offer Birth Control in Elementary School Clinics-Condoms and contraception for elementary students are among the services of 20 new school proposed health clinics in a bill which was under consideration by the Illinois House of Representatives. The bill, SB 715, which was passed by the Senate, was expected to be approved by the House of Representatives and sent to the governor for signing. Democrats control both houses of the Legislature and for the bill to fail, a number of Democrats would have to join Republicans in opposing the measure. The Illinois Family Institute (IFI) reported that SB 715 would introduce the programs to elementary school students, who would also receive condoms and birth control along with band aids, ice, and routine medicinal care.

Although advocates of SB 715 said parents would need to sign a consent form, IFI pointed out that parents cannot pick and choose which services they want for their child at current "school based clinics." Unless they sign the form allowing their child to receive all the services, their children will receive no services if injured.

Pray: Top Christian Football Player Released from Team Over Objections to Porn Film-A key player for the indoor professional football team Colorado Ice was released from the team's roster after a dispute over a porn film, Concerned Women for America reported in an audio release May 11. A devout Christian, Troy Vermillion objected to a film with explicit raunchy sexual content shown on the team bus during a trip to an away game. After objecting to the film several times during the trip, the player asked to be let off the bus but was refused. When they arrived he sent an email to Coach Collin Saunders that evening, expressing his concern and requesting that films with pornographic content not be shown during scheduled trips. After a meeting with the coach the next day, Vermillion was removed from the roster. "That very day they benched him and he hasn't played since," Hilda said.

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