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"Mother of God"

I would like to respond to Dr. Zodhiates' most recent article on this topic but was wondering what the best forum would be for this? While I believe that Dr. Zodhiates is correct that worship is only for the triune God, I believe that his omission on the historical development of the Greek word theotokos or mother of God would go far to clarify the use of this title for the Virgin Mary. Without this explanation, the reader would come away with the idea that this title that has been used by the Church from its earliest days allows for the belief that Mary is superior to her son, our Savior Jesus Christ. Of course this isn't the case at all. The truth is that the title Mother of God came in response to the Nestorian Heresy (which took place in the fifth century) which challenged the personhood of Jesus Christ as being fully God and fully man.

This historical omission could mislead the uninformed reader to believe that both Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Christians worship Mary with that which should be reserved only for God.

Arthur J. Mavrode Pastor,
Zoar Community Church of
Rowena, Texas

Editor's response-You found the right forum!

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