Keep a Joyful Spirit

by Joan Clayton

Someone once said "Life is like a bicycle-stop peddling and you fall off."

My greatest heroes are those who "keep peddling" in life. Regardless of the losses, pain, and hardships, they keep on keeping on. You will not catch them in the "self-pity" trap. Somewhere in their hour of pain they still find the strength to help others. They have learned that even in pain, they don't have to be a pain. They have discovered a very important principle: "What you give to life is returned to you." They focus on the important things: God, family, friends, the needs of others, and work. Happiness finds those who give life their best shot.

Today is a gift from God. Tomorrow we may leave this earth. This present moment is all we have to learn to love and forgive. All stress and worry leads to calamity. So live for Jesus today. Serve and obey Him, too. You'll find real peace and joy awaiting you in His presence!

A joyful spirit adds life to your years. Please don't let your past determine your future. Be joyful today. And remember: If you stop peddling you fall.

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