Praise and Prayer

Pray: Gaza Terrorist Group Admits Targeting Israeli School Children in Attack-The terrorist organization Palestinian Islamic Jihad's military wing, Saraya al-Quds claimed responsibility for Qassam rockets launched at the southern Israel town of Sderot on Sept. 3. The attack sent 12 kindergarten children to a hospital for treatment of shock, after a rocket struck close to their day care center. A total of seven rockets fell in and around Sderot shortly before 8:30 a.m. that morning.

On Palestinian Islamic Jihad's Website, the terrorist organization reiterated its policy of targeting students. It said the attacks were "a present for the start of the new school year."

Information provided by The Israel Project

Praise: "Random Acts of Kindness Day" Takes Off in New Zealand-An Auckland, New Zealand, man's dream of a day when everyone was kind to each other has grown into a national event called Random Acts of Kindness Day and celebrated on Saturday, Sept. 1. Businesses, schools, community groups, churches and individuals around the country are already planning what they might do on the day, first launched in 2005. While sitting in heavy Auckland traffic, Josh de Jong, a mortgage broker, thought how "cool" it would be to have one day where people were actually nice to each other. De Jong started the day to encourage people to take time to perform small, selfless acts of kindness for no personal gain. Now, in the past two years, people have had their parking paid for them, neighbors have given gift hampers, schools have thrown events for their community and some people have even been given flights and cruises. De Jong said it was "fantastic" to see how the event had taken off so fast around the country and been embraced by the wider community. "We certainly did not expect it to get so big this quickly," he said.

Assist News Service via MissionNet

Praise/Pray: Eritrean Prisoner Tortured to Death for Refusing to Recant-Christians in the East African nation of Eritrea confirmed that Migsti Haile, 33, died at the Weaa Military Training Centre on Sept. 5, as a result of torture for refusing to sign a letter recanting her Christian faith. Haile was among a group of 10 single Christian women who had been arrested at a church gathering in Keren and spent 18 months of imprisonment amid severe pressure. All of the detainees were tortured after refusing to sign a letter denying their faith. Before her arrest, Haile worked for a relative while she studied to complete the 11th grade of high school. She was also an active member of the Rhema Church. Christians in Eritrea continue to face intense persecution. The Eritrean government criminalized all independent Protestant churches in May 2002, closing their buildings and banning them from meeting in private homes. More than 2,000 Eritrean Christians remain imprisoned for their faith, subject to severe torture. During the past year at least four Christian inmates have died from physical mistreatment while under arrest.

Open Doors, Evangelical News via MissionNet

Pray: Men Can Suffer a Myriad of Grief Issues Following a Partner's Abortion-Abortion is frequently considered a woman's issue and one where men should have little or no role in the decision and likely have few or no ill-effects afterwards. However, one man who regularly counsels men who have been involved in an abortion says that claim is unfounded. Kevin Burke is the associate director of Rachel's Vineyard Ministries, a group that reaches out to those adversely affected by an abortion to provide them hope and healing. In an interview with Zenit (a Catholic news service), Burke says men suffer from a myriad of problems following a partner's abortion-especially one in which they lent their support or persuaded their partner to have. "We have all heard the exhausted phrase repeated over the years that abortion is a private personal decision between a woman, her health care provider and her God,'" Burke explained. "Men were seen to be peripheral figures in the process, detached and unaffected by the woman's choice.'" "The reality is that men are involved in 95% of all abortion decisions, and they are profoundly impacted by their participation in the abortion of their child," Burke added.

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