Recent Releases

AMG Publishers

The Christian Combat Manual, Dan Story, 2007, 295 pages, $17.99, softcover. Story presents a practical "how to" approach to apologetics, teaching Socratic techniques for engaging non-believers, and addressing crucial truths that refute common objections to Christianity.

English Standard Version of the Bible, 2007, $16.99, MP3 Audiobook. A new format of the popular ESV audio Bible designed for use in portable MP3 players.

Harvest House

What Does the Bible Say About...? Ron Rhodes, 2007, 373 pages, $14.99, softcover. Rhodes succinctly answers the 300 most often asked questions about Christianity with solid biblical insights and research. Excellent resource for new believers.

Hendrickson Publishers

Questions of Faith Series, 2007, 100-150 pages, $14.95 each, softcover. Hendrickson press presents a series of small books addressing different aspects of the Christian faith. The series includes User's Guide to the Bible by Stephen M. Miller, Searching 4 Faith by Brian Draper, Guide to Christian Belief by Mark W. G. Stibbe, Exploring Science and Belief by Michael Poole, Why Do People Suffer? by James Jones, and Exploring Prayer by Sue Mayfield. Good overview of Christianity for new believers.

InterVarsity Press

Water from a Deep Well: Christian Spirituality from Early Martyrs to Modern Missionaries, Gerald L. Stittser, 2007, 360 pages, $22.00, cloth cover. Stittser draws on examples of Christianity through the centuries for guidelines to disciplines for growth in Christ. An excellent resource for devotional study and personal spiritual development.

Knowing God the Father Through the Old Testament, Christopher J. H. Wright, 2007, 180 pages, $15.00, softcover. Wright explores in depth the images of God the Father that pervade the biblical narratives, Psalms, and prophetic texts of the Old Testament. A great starting point for sermons on the nature of God and His will.

Rediscovering Paul: an Introduction to His World, Letters and Theology, David B. Capes, Rodney Reeves, and E. Randolph Richards, 2007, 350 pages, $27.00, hardcover. The authors dig into the life and letters of the New Testament's most prolific writer in order to show the vibrant truths of God he communicated. An excellent resource for studies in the Pauline Epistles.


Putting Jesus in His Place: the Case for the Deity of Christ, Robert M. Bowman, Jr. and J. Ed Komoszewski, 2007, 363 pages, $18.99, softcover. The authors demonstrate that the New Testament, from beginning to end, clearly reveals Jesus' divine identity. An academically sound and spiritually engaging case for this central doctrine of the faith which has been under attack in some form or another since Jesus walked the earth.

Interpreting the Psalms: an Exegetical Handbook, Mark D. Futato, 2007, 240 pages, $20.99, softcover. This second entry in the Handbooks for Old Testament Exegesis series (edited by David M. Howard, Jr.) provides readers with an enhanced understanding of the poetic genre and strategies for preaching and teaching the Psalms.

Living Ink Books

Rock Solid Families: Transforming an Ordinary Home into a Fortress of Faith, Janell Rardon, 2007, 221 pages, $10.99, softcover. Rardon presents a spiritual training manual that identifies twelve principles that spiritually strong families have in common (Vision, Flexibility, Order, Organization, Marriage, Devotion, Prayer, Spiritual Success, Obedience, Love, Grace, and Creativity) with practical methodology and scriptural application.

Rethinking God: Undoing the Damage, Scott Munger, 2007, 198 pages, $14.99, softcover. Munger seeks to portray God as the great, grieving Lover and reclaim His image from that of egotistical, legalistic meddler that many wrongly perceive Him to be.

Leafwood Publishers

Good Shepherds: More Guidance for the Gentle Art of Pastoring, David Fleer and Charles Siburt, editors, 2007, 140 pages, $12.99, softcover. A collection of 7 essays that address several theological and practical themes relevant to pastors and church leaders. Sequel to the popular collection, Like a Shepherd Lead Us.

Moody Publishers

Living for Jesus: Beyond the Spiritual High, Greg Speck, 2007, 224 pages, $12.99, softcover. A resource for youth pastors and teens looking to maintain a vibrant relationship with Jesus even in "boring times." Speck's focus is on the steady power of God's Word to guide our walk, whether our emotions are there or not.


Going All the Way: Preparing for a Marriage that Goes the Distance, Craig Groeschel, 2007, 209 pages, $19.99, hardcover. Groeschel guides readers through the choices and commitments necessary to building strong and vibrant marriage relationships that go the distance. Geared toward older youth or college/career groups and anyone looking to marry someday.

National Geographic

The Biblical World: an Illustrated Atlas, Jean-Pierre Isbouts, 2007, 353 pages, $40.00, hardcover. A "coffee table" volume of archaeology, anthropology, and history of the Biblical Era. While National Geographic is by no means theologically correct in its interpretations of data, the cultural insights provided here may be quite useful to understanding the context of Scripture and illustrating its themes.


Holding Nothing Back: Embracing the Mystery of God, Tim Hughes, 2007, 112 pages, $12.99, softcover. Worship leader and songwriter Hughes explores the beauty of creation and biblical encounters with God to explore the terrifying and comforting mystery of the Lord, with the goal of worshiping Him rightly.

With Justice for All: A Strategy for Community Development, John Perkins, 1982 (revised and updated in 2007), 236 pages, $17.99, hardcover. Perkins invites believers to live out the gospel in a way that brings good news to the poor and liberty to the oppressed. He believes that Christ is the only source of real reconciliation and restoration and that Christians are to be His representatives in those arenas.

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