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College Press

Where Is God When We Suffer? Lynn Gardner, 2007, 339 pages, $29.99, hardcover. Gardner speaks from a lifetime of studying the Word (and a life replete with suffering) to show what the Bible has to say about suffering. He examines individuals in the Bible who suffered, in an effort to discover the source of their suffering and what we can gain from seeing how they dealt with the experience. He also includes a discussion of the larger issues of evil and suffering in the presence of a good and holy God. A deep yet practical work on the subject.


Assist Me to Proclaim: The Life and Hymns of Charles Wesley, John R. Tyson, 2008, 328 pages, $22.00, softcover. Charles Wesley (1707-1788) was the cofounder of Methodism and the author of more than 9,000 hymns and sacred poems. John Tyson here traces the remarkable life of this influential man from cradle to grave, using rare-including previously unpublished- hymns, letters, and journal materials. Readers also get a glimpse into Wesley's heart and mind through the window of his hymn texts. This is a biography that any student of church history or hymnody will welcome.

Harvest House

Exposing Darwinism's Weakest Link, Kenneth Poppe, 2008, 304 pages, $14.99, softcover. Poppe presents a thorough and easy-to-follow look at the origin and nature of man. Presented with energy and humor, this up-to-date resource pulls no punches in its conclusion that all aspects of humanity make us unique and point to careful design by our Creator.

Hendrickson Publishers

Born Again, Charles Colson, 2008, 352 pages, $17.95, cloth cover. An updated version of Colson's autobiography, Born Again offers the reader tremendous insight into the Watergate scandal, Colson's imprisonment, and the transforming work of Christ that brought him to his current ministry.

Mount Lanai Publishing

Does Your Bag Have Holes? 24 Truths that Lead to Financial and Spiritual Freedom, Cameron C. Taylor, 2007, 271 pages, $17.99, softcover. Entrepreneur Taylor attempts to combine the principles of Christianity and personal finance to show people the path to financial freedom. His goal is to show that personal wealth doesn't have to be viewed negatively and that sound financial planning can enable Christians to more fully focus on God and use their resources to further His kingdom.


Fusion: Turning First-Time Guests into Fully Engaged Members of Your Church, Nelson Searcy, 2007, 185 pages, $12.99, softcover. Searcy focuses on church growth from the angle of how well churches take advantage of the opportunities presented by the thousands of visitors who wander into our houses of worship each week. He offers a step-by-step, biblically-based plan to establish relationships with newcomers and set them on the path toward spiritual maturity.

Smith & Helwys

The Giving Myths, Steven B. McSwain, 2007, 256 pages, $18.00, softcover. McSwain makes a compelling case that the American dream of financial independence is a myth and that the financial calling of Christians is to give ourselves and our resources away and share generously with the world.

Standard Publishing

Beyond Your Backyard, Tom Ellsworth, 2008, 144 pages, $9.99, softcover. Ellsworth encourages Christians to move beyond the four walls of the church and engage the world around us with the message of Christ. A practical guide for involvement and evangelism, Ellsworth's book would be an ideal study for a Sunday school class or small group.

Thomas Nelson

3:16 - The Numbers of Hope, Max Lucado, 2007, ISBN 9780849901935, 219 pages, $24.99, hardcover. "A twenty-six word parade of hope: beginning with God, ending with life, and urging us to do the same. The heart of the human problem is the heart of the human. And God's treatment is prescribed in John 3:16" (from the book jacket). Includes a 40-day devotional.

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