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Praise: 300 Children of Prostitutes to Be Rescued by Orphanage in India- The Georgia-based humanitarian organization Hopegivers International plans to rescue 300 children of prostitutes in southern India after a large group of prostitutes-also known as commercial sex workers-asked India-based representatives of the organization to take their children to be raised in the ministry's Hope Homes. The orphanages provide food, clothing, shelter, and education for needy orphaned or abandoned children. "When the women saw that we genuinely cared and wanted to help them, they were eager for us to rescue their children-34 of whom are HIV-positive," said Hopegivers President Samuel Thomas. "All the women we met were distraught over seeing their children mocked and mistreated. They expressed a desire for their children to grow up in a nurturing environment and to receive an education." The mothers indicated they wanted to protect their children from the poverty, exploitation, and violence that is inherent in the prostitution industry. "These women are asking for our help-in order to not only change their lives, but future generations to come. We want to help these women change their lives," said Thomas.

Christian Newswire via MissionNet


Pray: German Homeschooling Family Flees to England After Mayor Attempts to Seize Children-A German family has fled to safe haven in the United Kingdom after the mayor of their town attempted to have their children seized and put into state custody for the crime of homeschooling according to WorldNetDaily (WND). WND reported that officials with Netzwerk-Bildungsfreiheit, a German homeschooling advocacy group, said that Klaus and Kathrin Landahl and their five children, "are in safety in England. They reached Dover on [Jan. 5]."

The Landahl family was preparing to leave the country and had deregistered themselves as German citizens, when the Mayor of Altensteig filed a lawsuit with the local family court demanding it intervene and take custody away from the Landahls. A spokesman for the advocacy group told WND, "His attempt is that the family court take custody away in a so-called (preliminary warrant) which means that custody can be taken away without a hearing [for] the parents." He added also that in the Landahl case, not only were the authorities seeking to usurp the parents' right to decide their children's education, but also their right "to determine the place of abode," an action more in line with Soviet-era East Germany.

"Every parent in the world, not just homeschool parents, should be outraged that their rights are trampled by the mayor of this town," said Joel Thornton, president of the International Human Rights Group, which advocates for homeschoolers in Germany. The local court has not issued a final ruling in the case, but ever since Germany's Supreme Court ruled in favor of the state against homeschooling last fall, most families have found safety to exist in flight.


Pray: Chinese Orphans Beaten, Evicted on Christmas Day-China Aid Association has learned that several orphan children and their caretakers were forced to spend the night in a hotel room after having been evicted from their orphanage by local police officials in China's Hebei Province on Christmas Day. The orphanage's caretakers, Ming Xuan Zhang and his two sons, had prepared to celebrate Christmas with the children, but weren't prepared to deal with the situation that unfolded that morning. After presenting an eviction notice, officials then proceeded to beat the caretakers and the children until they were forced onto the street. The director of security of the Village of Sanhe, along with other government officials from the Religious Bureau and United Work Front Department, had threatened the landlord to force him to stop renting land to Ming and the children or face imprisonment. Left with little choice, the landlord was forced to evict Ming after five years of occupancy. The children slept in a hotel room as Ming frantically searched for space to rent for the orphanage. This is the third time landlords were threatened not to rent space to Ming and the orphans or face criminal charges and prison time.

Evangelical News, China Aid Association via MissionNet

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