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Pray: Chinese Christian Mistreated in Prison for Insulting' Muslims-Liu Huiwen, a Chinese Christian sentenced to 18 months imprisonment last November for distributing a gospel leaflet to Muslims in Gansu Province, is suffering mistreatment in a Muslim-majority prison, local sources told Compass Direct News. After a recent prison visit, Liu's wife Miao Hui Lian said that he was limping badly and looked very thin. Liu, unable to speak openly, told his wife that the prison was a "very bad place" and that he was being "bullied constantly." When Liu's wife attempted to travel to Beijing to report the abuse, police warned her to stay at home. A local source told Compass that, "We have reason to believe the guards or inmates are punishing him for what he did and trying to cast terror into his heart."

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Pray: Women Don't Count for Much in Saudi Arabia-As people around the world marked International Women's Day on March 8, a women's rights advocate in Saudi Arabia did so by breaching a ban on women driving, and then posting a videoclip on the Internet. reports that elsewhere in the Wahhabist-ruled kingdom, two low-key events were held to discuss women's issues, while at an annual national heritage festival near the capital, organizers enforced a ban on men and women attending the event on the same day. Saudi Arabia is the only country where women are not allowed to drive. They are also not allowed to travel without written permission from a male relative. Other restrictions faced by Saudi women, according to rights groups, include the enforced wearing of a full-body "abaya," a ban on voting or running for office and on mixing with men in public, and a prohibition on studying certain subjects at schools and taking part in school sports. A women's testimony in court also holds half the value of a man's.

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Praise: Ugandan First Lady Recognized for Promoting Chastity in Fight Against AIDS-The speaker of the Ugandan Parliament has recognized Janet Museveni, the wife of the president of Uganda, for her outspoken activism on the AIDS epidemic. At an event to mark 25 years of the disease in Uganda, Mrs. Museveni told the young people of her country to abstain from sexual activity. The First Lady was speaking to an audience of students at Kampala International University at a conference on reproductive health March 15. In addition to her comments about abstinence, she said that the AIDS epidemic has become a money-making opportunity for the unscrupulous. Infection rates in the country were dropping in the 1990s under the government's abstinence program, but are now starting to rise again. "This is an indication," she said, "that groups which are purportedly more mature have thrown caution to the winds, settled for reckless living, putting themselves, their families and newborn babies at risk."


Pray: Elephants Trample Christian Homes in West Bengal, India-A herd of elephants barreled through a small village in West Bengal, India, completely destroying the homes of two Christians who attend a church related to the missionary ministry Gospel for Asia (GFA). The believers fled their homes as they heard the elephants crashing toward their huts on January 29. Shari Manini and Daman Kuvam and their families both regularly worship the Lord at the church where GFA native missionary Mohak Etash serves as pastor. The elephants completely crushed their homes and belongings during the rampage, along with several other houses in the village. No casualties were reported. Located near a dense forest, the village is often damaged by elephants. Residents have nowhere else to go, so they are forced to endure the frequent terror of the elephant visits. "Sometimes the elephants trample through our fields just before harvest time, destroying the food we have worked to produce," said another believer from Mohak's church. Mohak and others from the church are doing everything they can to aid the victims of this recent incident. Mohak requests prayer that the Lord would provide Shari and Daman with new homes soon.

Assist News Service via MissionNet

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