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"Going Under the Knife" Was Blessing

I have been a subscriber for a few years, and have enjoyed and been helped by your publication. I even like the new format.

I'm writing to let you know that the article by John Meador in the April, 2008, edition, "Going Under the Knife," was a blessing for me. I can't imagine any pastor of a church that the article did not benefit. All of us have experienced what John wrote about. We have all been under the knife, and some of us don't like it.

Two of the four points John mentioned I have put into practice; now I know what is missing in my ministry.

Kudos to John Meador and Pulpit Helps.

William Wright, senior pastor
Church Of God Sanctified
Louisville, Kentucky

Reclaim Campuses by Reclaiming Family Values

In response to the article by Lauren Crane (p. 33, April issue) concerning college students and the statement made by Dennis Darville that we must reclaim our campuses, we must consider other facts.

Over ten years ago, a survey of high school seniors, when asked if they would continue to remain in church after they graduated, revealed that a vast majority said no. Now, over ten years later, surveys show that 75% to 85% of our graduates are not in church. They must have meant what they said.

There are major contributing factors to the cause of this. First there is a 50% divorce rate in America (highest in the world). Cohabitation is rampant and acceptable. Nearly half of all babies are born out of wedlock and thousands of teenage girls are having babies. There are untold thousands of families with no father in the home. Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, crime, violence, and sex promoted through TV, movies, and the Internet, and seen through the eyes of our children, has robbed them of a consciousness of morality.

How do we reach the students on campus? Reclaim family values.

Wayne Nix
Pittsburg, Texas

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