Meeting the Needs of Children in Peru

by Bob Gerow

A short-term mission team of 12 people recently spent a week in Peru, ministering to 370 needy children sponsored through AMG.

The team members used crafts, games, and Bible stories to present the gospel message, and also distributed gifts to the children. One of the participants, Jimmy Stribling, sent us a report from this trip that was as much a blessing to those participating as to the sponsored boys and girls. A highlight was in the Huaraz Childcare Center where an invitation was given in the concluding service for people to accept Christ as their Savior. Several came forward, including some parents. Here are some highlights from Jimmy's report:

"Helen, a team participant, is a single middle-aged lady from Pennsylvania. Helen does not own a TV or a computer, but sponsors children in Peru. She decided that she wanted to meet the children she is sponsoring, so she took her first airplane ride and made her first visit to a foreign nation. I asked Helen how many children she sponsored; she replied, "a few." Helen met and presented gifts to the children from Lima that she sponsors. She did likewise in Huaraz. During a home visit in Lima, while presenting a gift to a sponsored child, a household member was led to the Lord.

"I have made several evangelistic mission trips to the mountains of Peru and have always enjoyed working in the high mountain areas (Huaraz is 10,000 feet in elevation) andI've developed an even deeper compassion for these mountain children. The Lord has led me to concentrate my efforts here, to sponsor and seek additional sponsors for these children and to make follow-up visits with these children to monitor their progress and well being. My limited Spanish is sufficient for me to communicate directly with the children. I asked the Peruvian AMG representative to introduce me to some children that needed sponsors. I met several, selected one to sponsor, but there are many more that need sponsorship.

"Miguel Angel Aguirre Gonzales and Angel Miguel Aguirre Gonzales are twins, whose mother died during childbirth. The father could not support the boys so he put Angel in his uncle's home. Miguel lives with his father in a very small hut (made of plaited river canes thrown over poles hammered into the ground). They have neither electricity nor running water. The father is a laborer whose income is about $15 per month. Fran and I are sponsoring Miguel, but twin Angel has no sponsor.

"Eloy Anibal Garcia Delgodo, born July 16, 1998, is another child who needs a sponsor. He has two younger sisters. The family lives in a one-room rented house, which is made of adobe with a wood floor. They have a second room, made of sticks and plastic, which is used as a kitchen; they cook with firewood. They have electricity and running water, which they share with others. The husband works when he can find employment while the mother washes clothes. The family income is about $100 per month.

"Another girl who needs a sponsor is Yuly Liz Chavez Sabino, born March 3, 1997. She has a younger brother and sister. The family lives 40 minutes from the children's school. They live in an adobe house with dirt floors plus a kitchen made of wood. The father has a monthly income of about $60. The mother has not worked lately as she spends full time taking care of her family, including her parents. The children are underfed." [Jimmy goes on to list several more poverty-level boys and girls in need of sponsors.]

"AMG sponsored children attend school either at the childcare center or at a public school. Those attending public school are provided money for uniforms, books, transportation, and school fees and come to the AMG center after school. The center provides nutritious meals, which in many cases are never received in the children's homes. Some clothing is provided. Medical needs are addressed. They are exposed to the gospel message, both in word and deed, on a daily basis.

"Your investment of $25 monthly in AMG child sponsorship would be a rewarding experience."

Bob Gerow is development administrator for AMG International.

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