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Baker Books

Preaching to a Post-Everything World: Crafting Biblical Sermons that Connect with Our Culture, Zack Eswine, 2008, 288 pages, $17.99, softcover. Eswine believes we are in a post-everything world and the future can be hard to fathom-but it needs to be addressed. He tackles questions such as: "Would I be able to reach the person I once was?" and "As a teacher of preaching, how do I join others in helping the next generation navigate the ‘post-everything?'"

The Peacemaker Student Edition, Ken Sande and Kevin Johnson, 2008,175 pages $12.99, softcover. Sande's The Peacemaker, which has been twice updated and frequently reprinted since its first publication in 1991, now appears in a special version prepared for youths. Sande, a Christian mediator, and Johnson, prolific author of books for young people, discuss the "four Gs of Peacemaking": glorify God' get the log our of your eye; gently restore; and go and be reconciled.


Retrieving the Natural Law: a Return to Moral First Things, J. Daryl Charles, 2008, 356 pages, $34.00, softcover. Part of the "Critical Issues in Bioethics" series. Charles attempts to process the law written on the hearts of all men and examine what that means in moral issues (specifically, bioethics) of today. He contends that a rediscovery of the principles of natural law is critical to the debates of today if Christianity is to be a part of the public square.

Harvest House

Conviction Without Compromise: Standing Strong in the Core Beliefs of the Christian Faith, Norman Geisler and Ron Rhodes, 2008, 365 pages, $14.99, softcover. Geisler and Rhodes have compiled an excellent work on the tenets of the faith which unite us and interpretations of such that divide us. The authors attempt to help believers understand the axiom, "In essentials, unity; in nonessentials, liberty; and in all things, charity." A valuable resource for pastors, teachers, and students of theology.

Handbook of Biblical Evidences: the Facts on Jesus, Creation, and the Bible, John Ankerberg and John Weldon, 2008, 374 pages, $16.99, softcover. An updated reprint of 1997's Ready with an Answer. Ankerberg and Weldon rely on their "bread and butter"-a thorough, objective, and didactic analysis of Scripture, history, and scientific evidence-to help believers understand oppositions to their core beliefs and stand firm on the Truth.

InterVarsity Press

Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership: Seeking God in the Crucible of Ministry, Ruth Haley Barton, 2008, 220 pages, $18.00, cloth cover. Barton examines the role of solitude and rest in the lives of leaders, drawing on the biblical example of Moses. She encourages those in ministry to remember to take time to cultivate their own relationship with God in order to be effectively used.

Moody Press

The Moody Handbook of Theology (Revised and Expanded), Paul Enns, 2008, 727 pages, $39.99, hardcover. Enns has updated his monumental 1989 work to address recent trends such as the ascendance of the Charismatic movement and the Emerging movement's postmodern approach to the faith. A thorough yet accessible volume, this excellent resource deserves a place on every pastor's shelf.

The Moody Handbook of Preaching, John Koessler, editor, 2008, 405 pages, $29.99, hardcover. Over 20 authors contributed sections to this groundbreaking resource for pastors. The book delves into the background and methodology of studying the Word, knowing to whom you are preaching, and preaching styles. A sure complement to any pastor's library.

Reformation Trust Publishing

What's So Great About the Doctrines of Grace?, Richard D. Phillips, 2008, 97 pages, $15.00, hardcover. Phillips approaches the five points of Calvinism through exposition of the Word, with the goal of helping believers understand the sovereign grace of God. He attempts to show that the doctrines of grace are not simply tired theological points but the keys to understanding the mercy and personality of God.

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