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Article Leads to Prayer Rededication

Editor's note: The following letter was sent to Joe McKeever, after reading his article in the June issue (page 34). It is printed here with the author's permission.

It never ceases to amazes me how the Lord finds ways to feed those who are really hungry for real answers. Please allow me to share something of what I mean when I say "Thank You" for your article, "Pastor, You Will Either Pray or Quit." How true that is. I have been serving as pastor at the present church for 4.5 years. The honeymoon went as it was supposed to and then came the reality of pastor and congregation. The first three years I can truly say that my prayer life was pretty much where it should have been. But somehow it waned, and things rushed in like a mighty wind and my human strength (Th.D and all) could not match it. But I thank God that I was aware of where the problem was. It is not with the group that has been opposing me since my coming, but with my decision to allow the Lord to work in the situation.

To say the least, I have beaten my head against any wall that would allow me to do so. I even felt like taking the group that was "loyal" to me and start another worship. But something was pulling on me to not "cut and run" because the process might just start all over again later. So, I went to the Internet looking for some ideas of why pastors leave churches, and found so many instances of why they leave, most of which seemed plausible, and I found myself saying yeah, these people see where I am coming from.

I must have printed out nearly 12 different views of why I would be justified in either breaking up the current congregation or starting a new one. But a strange thing happened on the way to my freedom. Out of the bunch of articles I printed out, yours was in the mix. After reading all of them, the Lord deep down in my spirit said, "this is your answer." I had told Him that whatever He wants me to do, that's what I would abide by. I am very afraid of not doing God's will or pleasing Him or bringing shame on the ministry in any way.

Again, thank you. I am in the process of rededicating my life to prayer and doing the things that I know are in the will of God.

Henry Thomas

Keep Up the Good Work

Your magazine has been most helpful and informative. Cover to cover has been devoured. Keep up the work! Lack of funds, however, bids us discontinue our subscription. Sorry.

David Peachey

Editor's Response: To brother David and all our readers who are feeling the current economic pinch, we'd like to extend a helping hand to keep Pulpit Helps in your study routine. While rising printing and postage costs prevent us from offering free print subscriptions, we will gladly provide a complimentary 1-year subscription to to anyone who deems that they cannot afford to renew when the time comes. You can find the same content you've come to appreciate from the magazine in digital form there. Those of you who have been with us for some time know that this same service is provided to all paid subscribers at no extra charge. If you wish to begin your complimentary year of Website access in lieu of renewal, please return a note with your next renewal notice containing a log-in name and password you prefer to use.

Thank you!

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