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AMG Publishers

The Books of First and Second Timothy, Titus, and Philemon: Goals to Godliness, Charles Ray, 2007, 219 pages, $19.99, hardcover. Ray examines the Pastoral Epistles in this installment of the Twenty-first Century Biblical Commentary series. Along with doctrine and church governance, he strives to comment on practical implications from these Pauline letters.

Concise Life of Christ, James Stalker, 2008, 448 pages, $17.99, hardcover. A collection of three major works of Scottish preacher James Stalker (1848-1927), this book seeks to chronicle Jesus Christ in three areas. They include His life presented biographically, how Christ stands as our spiritual model, and finally, Stalker examines the words of Christ-His teaching and ministry.

B&H Publishing Group

Biblical Promises for Men, 2008 (updated republication of earlier book), 121 pages, $3.99, softcover. Broken down by subject, this devotion examines Scripture's promises especially important for men.

Biblical Promises for Women, 2008 (updated republication of earlier book), 121 pages, $3.99, softcover. This devotion examines Scripture's promises especially important for women.

InterVarsity Press

Salvation Belongs to Our God: Celebrating the Bible's Central Story, Christopher J. H. Wright, 2007, 195 pages, $16.00, softcover. Part of the Christian Doctrine in Global Perspective series, which seeks to explore Christian doctrines that transcend culture, Wright uses Revelation 7:10 as his reference point to show, through God's historical dealings with Old Testament Israel and the New Testament church, that salvation comes only through God's sovereignty, not by man's ideas or conceived notions.

New Hope Publishers

Teams Work: A No-Nonsense Approach for Achieving More Together, Joyce A. Mitchell, 2008, 153 pages, $10.99, softcover. A practical (if non-spiritual) look at the functioning of successful teams; a good general overview of group management.

P&R Publishing

What Is Your Church's Personality? Discovering and Developing the Ministry Style of Your Church, Philip D. Douglas, 2008, 348 pages, $19.99, softcover. Recognizing where their own styles and where their churches' styles fall within eight categories presented should help pastors do their jobs better and avoid burn-out.


Activate: An Entirely New Approach to Small Groups, Nelson Searcy and Kerrick Thomas, 2008, 223 pages, $9.00, softcover. Searcy and Thomas attempt to explain and share the success of their own church's small group program.

The Six Pillars of Biblical Powers: A Key to Understanding and Sharing the Bible, John C. Rankin, 2008, 265 pages, softcover, $9.00. Rankin derives six "pillars," or principles, from Scripture, by which , he asserts, Christians can live truly biblically lives.

Westminster John Knox Press

The Responsibility of the Church for Society and Other Essays by H. Richard Niebuhr, H. Richard Niebuhr (1894-1962), edited by Kristine A. Culp, 2008, 144 pages, $24.95, softcover. Culp has compiled several of Niebuhr's poignant essays on the nature of our relationship to God and the working out of His calling to be in but not of the world.

William B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.

Christ and Culture Revisited, D. A. Carson, 2008, 228 pages, $24.00, hardcover. Carson follows in the footsteps of other Christians by analyzing the ties between Christianity and culture, whether Christ is condemning culture or transforming it. He starts by re-examining Niebuhr's model and ends by putting forth his own intriguing take on the Christ-and-culture relationship.


An Old Testament Theology, Bruce K. Waltke, 2007, 969 pages, $44.99, hardcover. Waltke presents his outline of Old Testament theology. In doing so, he hopes to illuminate its theme ("the in-breaking of the Kingdom of God"), and bridge the gap between the Old and New Testaments.

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