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Pray/Praise: Oregon Offers Woman Death, Not Cancer Drugs-Barbara Wagner discovered recently her state would not cover chemotherapy for her lung cancer but would underwrite her death by physician-assisted suicide. Wagner, 64, received notice in May that the Oregon Health Plan, which provides health-care coverage for about 380,000 low-income residents monthly, had refused to cover the drug prescribed by her oncologist when her cancer recurred, according to The Eugene (Ore.) Register-Guard. She was told, however, it would cover assisted suicide as part of palliative, or pain relief, care. The notification the health plan would cover assisted suicide especially disturbed Wagner. "To say to someone, We'll pay for you to die, but not pay for you to live, it's cruel,'" she told The Register-Guard. Bioethics specialist Wesley Smith said this should come as no shock in Oregon, where assisted suicide has been legal since 1997.

Fortunately for Wagner, another institution came to her aid. A representative of the pharmaceutical firm that markets the drug she had been prescribed called June 2 to tell her the company would provide it without charge, The Register-Guard reported.

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Praise/Pray: Christians Jailed in Eritrea Stand for Christ Amid Pressures-Christians jailed in the East African nation of Eritrea on charges related to "illegal worship" are refusing to denounce Jesus Christ. In some cases they have organized the Lord's Supper with fellow inmates despite pressure from authorities, local sources told BosNewsLife. Netherlands-based Open Doors, a group investigating reported cases of persecution, confirmed that at least one imprisoned pastor asked a guard to request his wife to bring wine. The woman immediately realized that her husband wanted to organize the Lord's Supper and brought the wine. That evening the Lord's Supper was celebrated in an Eritrean prison. Observing these biblical rituals isn't easy for the 2,000 or so Christians jailed in Eritrea. Many are locked up in military prison camps-some even in shipping containers, often for several years. Open Doors reported that many Christian prisoners are unable to celebrate the Lord's Supper or hold worship services. "Prison guards try to do everything to break the Christians' faith in Christ," Open Doors said.

BosNewsLife, Open Doors via MissionNet


Praise: 23,000 Teens Donate Millions in Free Labor-Young Southern Baptists kicked off a major outreach initiative May 30 that is to offer $16.4 million in free labor to urban populations over the next few months, according to the Christian Post. The more than 23,000 students-ranging from teen-age to college-age-will each donate a week to participating in the 2008 World Changers project. Participants will rehabilitate sub-standard homes in poor neighborhoods across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The program is in its 19th year.

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Praise: Children's Trust Aids Congolese Child Outcasts-Increasingly, children in the Democratic Republic of Congo are being accused of being "child sorcerers," causing hundreds of them to be thrown out of their homes onto the streets where they may even face torture. Cult "churches" encourage these beliefs and atrocities. In response to this social ill, Bethany Children's Trust has joined an effort by Equipe Pastorale Auprs des Enfants en Detrsse (EPED) to reach out to these children as well as orphans, street children and those affected by HIV/AIDS. EPED has been conducting an advocacy campaign on behalf of these children, trying to influence churches and community groups to protect them and to speak out against these false beliefs.

Children at Risk Prayer News via MissionNet

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