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Dear Editor,

I am the pastor of a Roman Catholic Church in North Bergen, N. J., and also a long-time subscriber to your publication.

I have never done this before, but I feel compelled to respond to a letter that you published in your October, 2008 issue. It was titled "Unseemly Levity", written by Earle Zimmerman of Lebanon, Penn., and criticized some of the "Bulletin Bloopers" published in the August issue.

One of the reasons I subscribed to your publication was the frequent humorous stories and jokes that you published. I would often share them in our parish bulletin and my congregation loved them and looked forward to them. Many asked for extra copies so that they could send them to family and friends outside of our Parish.

"Bulletin Bloopers" made me laugh, because it was so true to life.

God Himself gave us humor and laughter as a gift to the human family. Even recent medical studies have shown that laughter extends the years of our lives.

I have noticed that for over a good number of months, Pulpit Helps has significantly removed your previous jokes and stories. To me, this is very sad! Please consider revising your policy and return to the "good old days"!

I realize this puts you into a ‘bind'. You see, unless you include these humorous materials, I will be forced to cancel my subscription to a publication that I was once very proud of!

Rev. Anthony Robak, pastor

Editor's Response: We share your belief that healthy humor is an enriching part of Church life, and while it is not a primary goal of our publication, we print cartoons and humorous anecdotes as we have space and content available.

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