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A Wonderful Ministry

Thanks for including the article "Today's Iranian Revolution: How the Mullahs Are Leading the Nation to Jesus" in Pulpit Helps (December and January issues). I was very pleased to see it at first in Mission Frontiers and was thrilled you have now reprinted it. Too few realize what amazing things God is doing in Iran.

I am also grateful you included Elam Ministries' contact information. Thanks for helping Elam and their efforts to get Scriptures into Iran and for helping to train the next generation of Christian leaders for that vitally strategic nation.

Philip Zodhiates
Waynesboro, VA

Editor's Note: The stories included in our "Missions Spotlight" and "On the Field with AMG Missions" departments each month are designed to remind you that the Truth of Christ is moving forward among the nations and to encourage you to actively lead your churches to participate in world missions.

Whenever we include contact information for the ministries described in these stories, it is because we want to present you with concrete opportunities to involve your churches in the global cause of Christ.

To contact Elam Ministries and support their work in Iran, please visit or call (770) 664-8800.

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