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AMG Publishers

Concise Names of Christ, James Large, 2009, 496 pages, $17.99, hardcover. An updated format of Large's classic 1888 work, 280 Titles and Symbols of Christ. Large's intense scholarship shines through in this compilation of the myriad different aspects of Christ's character that Scripture expresses through these names for the Savior. The new version is broken into 52 chapters, perfect for weekly Bible study.


Pray Big for Your Child, Will Davis, Jr., 2009, 183 pages, $12.99, softcover. Davis encourages parents to take the spiritual lives of their children very seriously by committing to pray the promises of Scripture for them. He reminds parents that although they may try to do everything "just right", it is always up to God to save them and build them up for His kingdom.

Bob Jones University Press

Proclaiming God's Stories: How to Preach Old Testament Historical Narrative, Joe Linares, 2009, 178 pages, $18.95, softcover. Linares challenges pastors to faithfully preach from the often daunting chunks of the Old Testament narrative. He outlines literary elements of Scripture, their role in proper handling of certain passages, and homiletic methods to incorporate the vital truth of "Bible stories" into church life.

Harvest House

The God Question: An Invitation to a Life of Meaning, J.P. Moreland, 2009, 261 pages, $13.99, softcover. Moreland tackles America's culture of self-obsession, lack of purpose, and depression by crafting a broad-based apologetic for authentic Christian faith. He challenges readers to "become apprentices of Jesus in the school of life."

Moody Press

Just Do Something: A Liberating Approach to Finding God's Will, Kevin DeYoung, 2009, 144 pages, $10.99, softcover. DeYoung, co author of last year's Why We're Not Emergent, continues to challenge churches and younger believers to cast off the unbiblical attitudes of our culture and return to a scriptural approach to life. In this book, he focuses on demystifying what it means to find God's will for one's life.


Experiencing the Spirit: The Power of Pentecost Every Day, Henry and Melvin Blackaby, 2009, 224 pages, $16.99, hardcover. The Blackabys offer scriptural insight to help readers experience the power and presence of the Holy Spirit by showing how God works through the Spirit to accomplish His will in and through believers.


The New Testament in Antiquity: A Survey of the New Testament within its Cultural Contexts, Gary M. Burge, Lynn H. Cohick, and Gene L. Green, 2009, 456 pages, $49.99, hardcover. In this well designed and illustrated reference book, the authors attempt to lead readers to a greater understanding of the New Testament by showing how the cultural environment in which its books were written illuminates the language, metaphors, and grammatical construction of Scripture. An excellent parallel study tool for pastors and expositors.

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