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Dear Editor,

I read the Missions Spotlight (July 2009) titled "Drug-related Violence in Mexico Fails to Deter the Peace of Jesus". That sounded good until I read through the article which is a showcase for the work of the "Church of Christ".

One thing about the Church of Christ (as least if it is the denomination-which in the context, I am assuming it is) is that they are unabashedly "baptismal regeneration" in their doctrinal position. They don't hide it at all. Is this the position of Pulpit Helps? If not, why are you showcasing those who preach another gospel? Just wondering.

"For Christ did not send me to baptize, but to preach the gospel, not with wisdom of words, lest the cross of Christ should be made of no effect" (1 Cor. 1:17).

Pastor Dwight Oswald
Southview Bible Church
Council Bluffs, Iowa

Editor's Response: The article in question was intended to show how some local church bodies in the United States were reaching out to their brethren in Mexico during a trying time in that country. The churches mentioned in the article were Churches of Christ and the article was reprinted from The Christian Chronicle, a monthly newspaper published by the Churches of Christ.

Christ commands us to baptize as we make disciples and teach (Matt. 28:19), some interpret that command (we believe incorrectly) by making baptism a part of salvation, others by saying that baptism is a response to salvation. In either case, the believer takes the same actions, and the goal of both is to obey Christ fully.

Pulpit Helps is and always has been non-denominational. On the issue of baptism (and other core issues of the faith) we hold to biblical, traditional, Christian orthodoxy. As such, we believe that one who trusts Christ should be baptized to symbolize and proclaim the regenerative work of the Spirit. We do not hold that the act of baptism plays a role in the fact of salvation, but that following Christ in baptism is a natural response of true belief.


Were it Not for the Call

Pastor Edwards, I have a hunch I am not the only pastor that was blessed by your recent article in Pulpit Helps entitled "Were It Not for the Call" (July 2009)!

I must confess it was as if you had been reading my mail, and it came at a timely moment in my ministry. So many things that you mention, I innocently thought I was the only one that could be going through. I thank you for your words, your prayers for all that battle the isolation of God's call from time to time, and the perseverance to continue on.

By His grace,
David McGullion
Beach, North Dakota

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