November Praise & Prayer

Praise: The landlocked Himalayan country of Nepal, that for so long resisted the incursion of foreign gospel witness within its borders, is now home to an estimated 500,000 believers—mostly through the witness of ethnic Nepali Christians. But finding leaders for thousands of worshiping groups in this Himalayan country is a challenge. One Nepali Christian leader is rising to meet that need. A former Hindu Brahmin priest turned preacher is conducting training seminars for local Christian leaders. A seminar in western Nepal recently drew 104 local church leaders. The ministry offers a three-year Bible correspondence course that has attracted a total of more 225,000 students. So far 22,350 have completed the course, and of these, 2,894 have taken additional discipleship training.

Christian Aid Mission via HCJB World Radio

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Praise: The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) office in North Korea reported in August that its bakery has been completed and is producing enough bread rolls to daily feed 25,000 children living in the region of Pyongyang, the capital. Located in central Pyongyang, ADRA’s bakery employs 35 women and produces 50,000 bread rolls daily. These go to 95 orphanages and kindergartens in 10 districts of Pyongyang and Sariwan. “Famine conditions throughout North Korea for several years have caused widespread food shortages,” says Byron Scheuneman, senior vice president for ADRA International. “This bakery is the most recent of ADRA’s food initiatives in the country which have included shipments of food, seeds and vitamins, and construction of more than 100 solar kitchens.”

Adventist News Network via HCJB World Radio

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Praise: In nearly all the eastern states of Nigeria, according to Believers Assemblies of Nigeria leader Isaiah Issong, witchcraft is a strong power. In June Issong was invited to speak on the theme “Redeeming Our Inheritance” to a three-day gathering in the Itu Local Government Area sponsored by the Itu Believers Forum. About 3,000 men, women and young people attended each night. Issong told them that the only way to cleanse the area of demonic influence and power was confession, repentance, and the demolition of satanic altars and temples. At the close of the meetings, 800 people accepted Christ as their Savior, members of the rejuvenated crowd went out and smashed 15 of their demonic shrines, and six juju priests gave their lives to Christ.


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Pray: Some upsetting numbers are coming out of a research group showing a breakdown in how the Western church looks at missions. The report indicates that Christians spend nearly 97 cents of every dollar on themselves and nearly 3 cents on already-evangelized countries.* “This leaves just three-tenths of one penny out of every dollar we spend that is being used to reach the 1.6 billion people on earth who’ve heard about Coca Cola, but have never heard about Christ,” says Mission India’s John DeVries. “It’s really an incredible, startling statistic.” DeVries says there is desperate need for more workers to take advantage of open doors to spread the gospel. “India is open to the gospel. Many of these 1.6 billion are in totally closed countries; they’re very difficult to reach. But that’s not so for India today. The church there desperately needs the help of churches that are wealthy in resources; the gospel is just going wild.”

Mission Network News via HCJB World Radio

* Source: David Barrett and James Reapsome, Seven Hundred Plans to Evangelize the World, 1988.

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