"Do You Want Peace"

by Larry Malone

This is the title of a gospel ad that was placed in three large newspapers in Bangladesh, with a total readership of more than one and a half million people. The director of AMG's newspaper evangelism reported 1,123 responses to this ad the month following its placement.

The ad stated that in this world there is little discipline, virtually no happiness, love, or peace to be found. Instead what we find is sectarianism, terrorism, fighting, corruption, and anxiety. "The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?" The ad went on to explain that only Jesus Christ, the Great Physician and Prince of Peace can cure man's heart, clean up his life, and give him hope and peace-because He gave up His precious life and shed His holy blood for man's redemption.

The ad concluded with an invitation, "Dear Friend, do you want to have the eternal and heavenly peace which Jesus wants to give you? Then please write to us very soon."

With such unstable conditions in that part of the world, men and women, boys and girls are looking for something tangible to give them hope. Christians make up just a fractional percentage of the population in Bangladesh, making it very difficult to share the gospel one-on-one. Newspaper evangelism is a most economical way to spread the gospel, as an average of several hundred thousand people can be reached for each $100 invested.

Bengla Bible Correspondence School has over 2,000 students enrolled, with over 200 people being brought to Christ, as the result of newspaper ads and Bible study courses.

Larry Malone is director of AMG Missions

Facts About Bangladesh

(from Operation World):

Population 129,155,152.

Peoples-Bengali 96%.

Economy-one of the poorest nations due to gross overpopulation and natural disasters.

Religions: Muslim 85.63%; Hindu 12.38%; Christian 0.72%; Buddhist 0.62%.

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